Hi, I'm Himesh.

A Toronto-based Product Designer


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Hi there, thanks for visiting my website.

I’m a UX designer that loves technology. The past few years have allowed me to work with startups in very different ways. I went from working on my own idea, to being an early employee for a startup in a completely different industry, to becoming a consultant for a third. This experience has been invaluable in learning how to build products from the ground up and the importance of good product design from the beginning.

Most recently, I designed the initial product for Coachable, an awesome company looking to bring more transparency and engagement within ski racing for young adults and future Olympians.

Previously I was at Acerta helping usher the next revolution in data analytics for the automotive industry. I developed the brand identity and led marketing efforts to grow and educate our audience through case studies and prototypes.

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My focus has always been on high-impact projects where technology can be used to help people live better lives. While I begin with understanding user needs, I excel at creating experiences through the lens of an engineer.


Do you have an interesting project and need a designer to come on board?
I’m also more than happy to share my knowledge and talk design with anyone just starting out. Just say hello.