Chrono Consulting needs a logo

Mar 8, 2017 | 2 minutes read
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My friend had been a consultant for a while and decided to become an independent contractor. As with starting any business, they needed a logo for their brand. Somthing that represents them well and shows a professional brand to potential clients.

My first objective was getting more information on what the brand identity should be. I asked which words he wants his business to represent, what are the potential clients he wants to attract and other questions including, what is the uniqueness factor he wants this business to have. By asking these questions, I was able to understand the message this logo should communicate. That is the purpose of the logo, to represent what the brand and business stands for. Analyzing the insights from the interview, I decided on the three words I wanted his brand to represent: elegance, commitment, proficiency, which he agreed with as well. This led to creating different logo styles using the words as inspiration.

The many design alternatives I created to represent the identity of the brand.

Reviewing all these designs, he really liked the simple, minimalist logo and didn’t want the object taking up too much space vs the words. I continued to refine the logo and tested various fonts to come up with this final design.

The final logo that is being used today.

At the end of the day, my friend was very happy with his new logo and I wish him good luck with his business.